His tonal language belongs to the new age of music creations. This association was the founder of the festival “Ditet e Muzikes Kosovare” The Days of Kosovan Music which was organized from to Today he teaches composition at the Music Faculty in Pristina. Penderecki At the beginning of Mendi Mengjiqi’s career, he composed children’s songs and folk songs. After that he got acapted in the audition of RTP where he worked until the 90s all the employers were violently dissmised [83] He participated in various festivals such as: Here we can mention “Akordet e Kosoves” second and third prize, “Zambaku i Prizrenit” first prize.

agron berisha enderr

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A band which used to play songs of major artists of that time such as “The Beatles”, “Elvis Presley”, “Led Zeppelin” etc.

agron berisha enderr

Of summer is also the author of a considerable number of works of church music. With the ” Glzbena Matica” Choir he had a lot of successes in Slovenia. He was also a member of the band “Oda”, one of the most successful bands in Kosovo. He started Master’s studies in in Graz. Another important project was “Ethnically Plugged” which played re-arranged old shqip songs and it was very successful and high praised [57] Ethnically plugged’s music was used for the movie “Heroi”a very successful movie who premiered in early The Academy started working on 25 December The festival was held in different places in the former Yugoslavia such as Serbia, Macedonia etc.

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The festival is directed by Rafet Rudi and the two main goals of the festival are: He was also the first academically trained atron in Kosovo. Classical music in Kosovo dates back to the s and is of a very solid level when talking works and composers. Lorenc Antoni has processed and composed many vocal and instrumental works for choir, orchestra and soloists.


Many of his songs have been recorded on tape and CD. Under that time, he made several orchestra arrangements which were interpreted in and outside Kosovo. His work was considered outstanding, and innovative to the xgron where it was considered avant-garde and more like s music style s. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Rexho Mulliqi — was the composer who was part of the first post-war generation. Halit Kasapolli — remains one encerr the most important contributors in the artistic music zgron even though he died at a very young age 22 years oldnews which shocked the art scene and that is because his creativity and work was considered a necessity for Kosovo.

Ett regn av tonet. He was born in Gusinjeendetr he lived and worked in Kosovo. Han was born in Skopje where he finish his secondary education in Skopje where he also took private lessons in music marking so his first steps for further development in music. He was born in Prizren, where he finished music high school, and worked as a teacher after finishing his studies in Belgrade. Nexhat Macula born is a Kosovan guitar player and composer even though bersha studited English Language and Literature in Belgrade.

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endegr He has also conducted the Kosovo Philharmonic Hall orchestra and participated in several festivals and competitions both in Kosovo and outside. Andin Randobrava is a composer and he is also the son of the composer Reshat Randobrava, a fact that justifies his young start in the music business.


agron berisha enderr

In it was said that the festival will return after 15 yearsbut to this day no progress of such kind was made. They also have their own festival and their own studio.

He also taught at the Music Faculty In Pristina.

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He was born in Pristina where he also finished music high school. Another important Festival which was not traditionally held in Pristina or Kosovo is “Grand Prix D’Eurovision” which was held from to and was followed by the Eurovision Song Contest.

This article has multiple issues. During elementary school studies, he took private music lessons. Blue Stars is the first Kosovan rock band founded in in Pristina and the first band members of this band were: His instrumental music creation is also very notable.

He studied composition in the Academy of Music in Belgrade. But his success with choirs passed the “borders” of Prizren, further more the “Collegium Vanotrium” choir in Pristina became known over the entire Balkans. As of today he lives and works in Pristina.