Part of the date value hidden in entry fields when using two-digits format representation Update: Generate random date and time stamps New: Disable datetime picker context menu when using relative adjustments. Attribute Changer can alter the photo in Last used settings automatically saved New:

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Which countries install it? Disable datetime picker context menu when using relative adjustments.

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Redesigned icons in application Cahnger Download Attribute Changer 7. Fixed failed folder modifications if files are locked within folder changsr Update: Popup menu entry to clear result list New: Simulation mode added to confirmation dialog Update: Log export now autogenerates filenames with date and time stamp Update: Dropped support for Windows 9x and Me.

Lifespan of installation until removal. Filters and exceptions should be used to fine attribute changer 7.10b the process. ESC key now quits application and any dialog box Update: Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Apply button grayed after processing and reenabled on settings change Update: Old and new values of modifications are listed attribute changer 7.10b by side for a comparision.


Escape key closes Filter and Exception dialog box and discards changes New: Added Donation link to the About tab Update: Attribute Changer can use filters to include or exclude objects based on attributes, date, time, size and name wildcards.

Attribute Changer 7.10b Free

Improved help file Release 4. Added code to support localizations Update: Minor graphical attribute changer 7.10b changes new icons etc. Other sources try to charge money for Attribute Changer downloads. Fixed Strict Randomization Mode not always using date range.

Blue screen on Win98 when accessing files and folders with corrupt dates. Corrupted resource strings in french version Update: Relative file and folder time adjustments New: All known EXIF application crashes aftribute resolved.

Basic features include changing file and folder attributes within en masse. Shell extension menu entry now works again in Windows NT 4. Added display for current file on Activity and Results tab Release 2. Download “Should I Remove It? Filter out attribute changer 7.10b based 7.110b attribute settings New: Optimized locking mechanism to prevent unnecessary failed actions Update: Reduced help file size by kB optimized images Update: Free Download for Windows.


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