Note the figures in the opening E. In hidden object scenes, the item search lists change each time you play the game. Arrange the gems from left to right, lightest to darkest. Dark Knowledge Walkthrough Haunted Manor: Upon leaving the Dreamless Castle, Princess Sophia travels to Moonfell Wood, where she hopes to find the clues that will help her locate her missing people. Look at the pavilion gate. Help her find her friends and family and take her rightful place.

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Awakening – Moonfell Wood Walkthrough – GameHouse

Repair the 3 broken figurines. Walk down the stairs. Normal and casual are the two difficulty options to choose from and each option has differences in the availability of hints and displayed goals. Items in yellow require an additional step to be visible.

Click awakening moonfell wood two pieces of paper to swap positions; click again to rotate a paper.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood Walkthrough

You may skip a mini-game once the button fills. Look at the bookcase on the right for a mini-game. Moonfell Wood will definitely put your skills to the test. Moonfell Wood are fairly simple.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood Review

Awakening moonfell wood first click of a button will light a part of the pattern blue. The hint system could be improved if it gave you a little more direction about how to complete a specific task or find a certain object.


Both the crest and the map are recorded into your journal. She also learns more of the story of why her family and other humans left to settle somewhere else. This time I played the music on external speakers for a while to hear what awakening moonfell wood really sounds like. Then, move the bricks so that they form the flower shapes, and your reward will be the Black Orb and Grappling Hook Head.

Look at the window C.

Moonfell Wood is described as a hidden object adventure game, you will spend a lot of your time solving puzzles. Walk down 3 times to return to the path to the waterfall.

I think I almost considered using a hint in this game. Walk forward to the herb garden. Rearrange the paper so it looks like the screenshot below and you will learn how to get Everlasting Oil. Can you awakening moonfell wood Princess Sophia reach the Fairy Queen and become closer to solving the mysterious disappearance of her people? Next, light the candle awakenjng which the smaller arrow in the outermost ring points.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood Game Review – Download and Play Free Version!

With the exception awakening moonfell wood the TriPeaks card game that you can unlock by completing moonfel, game, Awakening: Click on a piece of the bear to take or place it; click again to rotate the piece in place.


Moonfell Wood is essentially the same game each time you play. Click on the deck of cards to shuffle if you run out of moves C. I feel like I have a purpose to playing and an eventual goal and this series did not disappoint! By GameHouse On December 30, The Witch on the stone table, awakfning the Small Gold Key and go back to the statues: Your fairy guide Mira serves as the hint system in the game. Select the cobwebbed alcove for a mini-game F.

The environment is gorgeously detailed and very colorful. This will give you a Tin Rose, which is used to free the petrified centaur and receive the Sunstone. Reform the fresco by swapping and rotating tiles. Awakening moonfell wood on 2 pieces to swap locations. Objects that you pick up will go into the inventory bar at the bottom of your screen.