N Na mladima svet ostaje. Blood is thicker than water. Pas koji laje ne ujeda Translation: Nema hleba bez motike Translation: Ko s vragom tikve sadi, o glavu mu se obiju. Now it is too late to act you have missed the opportunity to do something.

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Without suffering, there is no learning.

Losa navika

The old lady with cakes has already passed by. A fox may change its skin, but never babe losa navika character. Sky Wikluh Edo Maajka: Go everywhere, but come back home. Ne sej tikve gde jos nisu nikle!

The only good god is a dead god. Similar to Only hard work pays off. KL – September 3rd, at 7: To sigurno nije zbog mene!? Those who study will know, those who save will have. What goes around comes around.


Плейлист Big Radio 1

Svi putevi vode u Rim. Better ever than never.

Nema mirnog deteta ni mlade babe. Meaning that everybody looks after themselves first Bog visoko, a Rusija daleko. Trust yourself and your horse. Similar to Flattery will get you anywhere. Man proposes, but God disposes. Sit gladnom ne veruje.

The smarter one yields English equivalent: First help yourself and then God will help you. Who sows wind will harvest storm. One who gets up early is doubly lucky.

As easy as pie. A kind word opens even the iron doors.

Srpske/hrvatske poslovice i njihovi engleski ekvivalenti

Praviti od komarca magarca. Vulpes pilum mutat, non mores. Shit or get off the pot. Ko nema u glavi, ima u nogama.

Losa navika, a song by Babe on Spotify

Nema hleba bez motike Translation: Ne laje pas zbog sela, nego radi sebe. De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Sta su tekstovi bez muzike.: Similar to There is no free lunch. One hand washes the other. God is high above, and Russia is far away.