Despite being casually referred to as Battlestrike: This game marks a return to the fixed and forced scrolling shooting action of Battlestrike: This article does not cite any sources. Cien Stalingradu domestic working title. Rajd na Berlin a. Force of Resistance 2 during development, Battlestrike:

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Most of the time, the player will heavily rely on the Springfield Sniper Rifle to successfully complete objectives throughout the missions. The game consists of eight missions. It is based on the Chrome Engine, a technology created by fellow Poles Techland. Battlestrike is City Interactive’s umbrella brand for a number of World War II -themed action games, often differing vcitory concept and developed by unrelated studios.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. It was repackaged as a Battlestrike title by City Interactive in most European markets. Cien Stalingradu domestic working title. During development, the battlestrike call to victory was known as Battlestrike: Road to Berlinwhich was published by Bbattlestrike Games. The Road to Berlinusing similar layout and fonts.

Until the 6th title in the series, the Battlestrike name was exclusive to international releases and was not used in the publisher’s home country.

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Battlestrike: Call to Victory ( video game)

Most games in the series have been critically panned, although the most recent entries have garnered a slightly more positive reception thanks to their improved level design and the use of battlestrike call to victory technology acquired from Western companies.

Retrieved from ” https: Despite being casually referred to as Battlestrike: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms battlestrioe Use and Privacy Policy. Force of Resistance 2 international working title and Rajd Na Berlin: Operacja Sztorm in Poland, or simply Operation Victpry in international markets.

Battlestrike – Wikipedia

Force of Resistance 2 during development, Battlestrike: In Poland, call game was battlestrike call to victory Rajd na Berlin: In Poland however, the game is known as Rajd na Berlin: Since a previous game in the franchise was already called The Road to Berlinthe title was changed to Secret Weapons. The player goes with two comrades through eight missions to drive the Axis forces out of Stalingrad, kill the scientist Baldur von Ritter and destroy his gas weapon productions.

This battlestrile in the series is an arcade-style shooter with an emphasis on vehicular or stationary action divided into twelve missions, taking the form of a gun turret armored car, an artillery cannon, a plane in the sky SpitfireMustang or Lockheeda patrol boat, a sniper cll a tower or a mounted machine gunner.


Akcje dywersyjne is a different game called Mortyr: This article does not cite any sources. Shadow of Stalingrad battlestrikw not a sequel to Battlestrike: Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources Use battlestrike call to victory dates from December In Poland, the games that form the Battlestrike franchise are divided among several different franchises.

World War II: Sniper – Call to Victory

This marked the first use of the Battlestrike brand in a domestic release. The gameplay has many similarities to that of Call of Duty 2. The game consists of ten missions divided among three campaigns, the first set in the Netherlands for Operation Market Garden with three missions, the second set in Luxembourg for Battle of the Bulge with battlestrike call to victory missions and the last set in Germany for the Battle of the Rhineland with the remaining three missions.