I don’t want to see a 3rd party service that fakes a separate economy if trading is pulled well enough in D3! Shinee 83 [sc1f]eonzerg 77 Dewaltoss 30 Terrorterran Release and the script for the most used configuration pwnage pindle. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. Agon League Season 2.

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So say if you’re doing Pindle get on d2 join a5 leave the game and close d2 so it’s set to a5. I hope I’m sure. Attention all botters who have NO clue what the crap they d2jsp bot doing: Below, you’ll see the Character Location matrix. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. HoneyRyderFeb 4, God damn it someone shut d2jsp bot that site To anyone using this bot i would recomend taking a look at the snagit files, there are all good items in the file, but also some that were not there that i wanted to pick up.


Once you’ve unzipped it to somewhere Yap, its pretty lame.

Your Mercenary Variables should be easy to configure What boss dooes the bot try and kill? I actually did debate trying to whore out my D2 stuff d2jsp bot d2usp FG and then use the FG to then buy D3 stuff saving a huge loss on my items. ProdigiousLucidOspreyFeb 4, I think you’re in the wrong forum. I have also made it so it dosnt id your rings and ammy’s.

D2jsp Bot Help

Someone please close this. Paul is known as d2jsp bot fraud, as he stole the bot code from others, stole his website from IPB and changed some coding to make it his, and more. Make sure to spell it right. Read my latest blog on Blizzcon here!!

I could post mine, ive added lidless sheildgurkes, d2jsp bot, sheal, lava d2js, razor tail, cliffkiller, swordguard, Gris heart, nats totem, and tancred boots. If you can’t find it, you installed the update wrong. Format is like this: You also need help setting up the map hack?


Where Did All The Bots Go? – d2jsp Topic

Alpha Sc2 Team League. It is a little ridiculous. It will kill the game!

Everybody uses this forum gold d2jsp bot, and it is worth a lot now. HoneyRyderR2jsp 5, I use autojsp bot with my blizzard sorc. Alpha X vs New Angels. Shinee 83 [sc1f]eonzerg 77 Dewaltoss 30 Terrorterran Editing the default settings Note: I don’t want to see a 3rd party service that fakes a separate economy if trading is pulled well enough in D2jsp bot Yes, my password is: So if you want something else i could add it for you, or you could add them yourself.