Most errors will be prefixed with the name of the function that raised them. SendKeys must be declared. This could be beneficial in a network environment where pulling many icons off a remote drive might be expensive. Mon, 11 May I have attached the. Hi, The errors happens at the start of the forms module? The form works fine on my Development server.

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Any code written to use d2kwutil.pll versions of D2KWUTIL can just be re-compiled, without change, against the new version of the library with one possible exception documented below. Starts a listing for all the files and directories matching a search patten in a particular directory. But d2kwutil.pll more question. Wed, 06 May Iterator for the search started by FirstFile. How do I declare it and where. d2lwutil.pll

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I clicked the non-default option. This allows applications to simply reference this DLL and dispense with having individual. PLL to client machine C: D2kwutil.pll d2kwugil.pll filesystem to the correct location of the PLL, and attach it.


The programmer can d2kwutil.pll use a standard exception handler to deal with d2kuwtil.pll error. Get the position d2kwutil.pll the Mouse at any time. Ok, You attached the libraries to the wrong Node. Corrected documentation for File dialog functions. Have you searched this forum for ‘d2kwutil’?

Change the Start In directory at runtime.

Using the Windows System Interface PL/SQL Library

Finally there is a class of utility functions which d2kwutil.p,l actually just C d2kwutil.pll within the DLL for instance the bit operators. Returns the d2kwutil.pll version number of the DLL. The debug output shows you where the utility has searched for the DLL and also records all the arguments to and results from d2kwutil.pll function as it is called. Useful information about Versions and Constants. You’ll get a Dialog that asks where to look for the library.

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Lets you check to see if an application is already running and Switch to it if required. Additionally, nearly all the function calls have an optional Boolean argument RaiseExceptions. Pops up a d2kwutil.pll Windows File Open Dialog.


This perhaps d2kwuyil.pll the code a little d2kwutil.pll “neat” but does mean that all the function calls can be used in Graphics and Reports as well as Forms. There are, however, some constants used within the utility alone, of which you should be aware: If yes do you use D2kwutil components in When new d2kwutil.pll instance? Resource file containing strings used by the demo.

Many new features added and PLL reworked. Go to the object navigator. Lets you detect inactivity d2kwutil.pll your application. Have you solved your problem?

The exceptions d2kwutil.pll by each package are documented in the package header. I have compiled, Generated, Saved and Run the form. But could not reach solution.