Crashing to the ground, a disoriented Daffy hammers the anvil while dizzily reciting ” The Village Blacksmith “. When he requests a closeup, the screen contracts around him, at which he screams, and the camera zooms up uncomfortably close to his angry bloodshot eyes. Your task is to reach the ground safely. Using a sign, he requests sound and is granted various non-guitar sound effects. Parassault Your mission is to successfully hit and catch as many seagulls as you can while av He begins to sing ” The Song of the Marines ” as the animator draws an ocean scene with an island in the background, but draws nothing under Daffy, resulting in him falling into the ocean and surfacing on the island. In the end, the tormenting animator is revealed to be Bugs Bunny.

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sky Diver Your task is to reach the ground safely. Avoid all of the birds, and when hit try to steal another skydiver’s parachute by falling on top of it. How exactly to daffy duck parachute game that is what you will have to figure out in this game.

There is no standing landings allowed daffy!!! Take a leap into thin air in one of these exciting parachute games. The Movie Chuck Jones: Click here to read the guide from Adobe how to allow Flash for certain websites in Google Chrome. Best of so far, but track ball is smoking, so need a break! In the end, the tormenting animator is revealed to be Bugs Bunny. Try to daffy duck parachute game the argument between the sheep by winning the basejumping match. What if he wasn’t even a duck anymore?


Keep an eye on the wind in order to know when best to turn and glide in a certain direction. My shotgun fixed it, but it is now hard to see the monitor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Also watch out for other obstacles, such as helicopters. Make sure they don’t hit you! Mel Blanc performed the voices.

Game Parachute Jump with a Duck

This reminds me of the old Atari game Skydive, loved that game. If you can’t see or play the game, make sure you turn on Flash in your browser. Did make me smile this am though. As Daffy tries once again to negotiate with the animator to have an understanding, the screen frame falls on him.

Watch the underpants to check the wind direction.

Try this game Daffy ducks Parachute jump .

How long can you stay alive? Cartoons animated short films American short films Films about rabbits and hares United States National Film Registry films Metafictional works Short films daffy duck parachute game by Chuck Jones Self-reflexive films s American animated films American films Films about animation Films adapted into video games Films scored by Carl Stalling Animated films about animals Films about birds Animated films about birds Surreal comedy American animated short films.


The duck excitedly flies around until a mountain is drawn in his path. Click “chute” to open his parachute.

Try to pull out your chute as late as you can, but not too late. By Sleeperhawk’s Mechanic in forum Watering Hole.

Daffy Duck Parachute Game Free Cartoon Games com

In this game you are a base jumping mine creature of some sort. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Daffy suggests that he and the animator go their separate ways and hoping, against hope, that nothing further will happen begins a dance routine which is quickly interrupted when the film runs out of alignment, resulting in two Daffys on the screen. In the film was deemed “culturally significant” by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Jones the director is speaking to the audience directly, asking “Who is Daffy Duck anyway? Daffy duck parachute game messing around with the duck and think about my project!!!!!!!