There are some interpretations that would have it that Erika is just intrinsically kinky, but Erika’s behaviour can clearly be linked to her socialization process with Mother. And she is not exactly the kind of person whom I appreciate to feel under my skin. Of all artists, they are certainly the most wretched. Undefined form of emptiness and vacant glances are the only reflections in the mirror, a vampire of the maternal nest. Her mother abuses her financially and emotionally, and her student, a young piano player, is a source of frustration and fascination for her – and eventually also a source of abuse. Non deve pensare ad altro che a quelle cinque linee nere. Sep 05, Brian rated it really liked it Recommended to Brian by:

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Die klavierspielerin sigh, oh, the mystic devotion of motherhood! I don’t know what else to add to the issues already outlined, other than to say I felt equally hectored and patronised klavierrspielerin can’t be doing with any more of it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Did isn’t a very likeable figure, but she demands your attention and, eventually, your sympathy. All of her receptors are malfunctioning. Edit Did You Know?

The Piano Teacher () – IMDb

Die klavierspielerin, honestly, I don’t recognize this very ideological reading. She tended to be superior and cold towards him and to criticize him in the classroom, but he wants to maneuver her into a position where she is going to give him warm approval and acceptance. Mar 06, die klavierspielerin Lena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Da der Film aber andere Schwerpunkte in der Handlung setzt, kann man das Buch auch mit Genuss lesen, wenn man bereits den Film kennt. Another interpretation of Erika’s behavior, which I think is also plausible and does not necessarily collide with my interpretationis that masochism is ultimately manipulative behaviour, which seems to fit, because the submissive seems die klavierspielerin believe that they are procuring love with their submissive behaviour, but die klavierspielerin argument loses me in the extension that the ‘sub’ in a sadomasochistic relationship, is actually per se the dominating partner.


One of the recurring themes in the novel, is scenes depicting parents hitting their children; no wonder these kinds of behaviour breeds and perpetuates a culture of violence. Related News Angelo Toronto Intl. Mother says she loves Erika, but Mother also hits Klavierspielerkn, even as an adult, and so Erika has learned to associate klagierspielerin with captivity and physical abuse: The urges knocking and pushing to come out now, are met with a blind wall, a wall where there is no opening.

Das, oder es abgeben. So with those caveats, I give you my top thirteen.

The Piano Teacher

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Peep shows and pornography become a fascination, a means of being in the vicinity of this activity of which she knows little. It was both at the same time. Because as die klavierspielerin as a book like this comes along that die klavierspielerin verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, casual rape, and so many more of the dregs in full relief, in lurid detail lit not by candlelight but a spotlight seeking out the drippings and punctures of every orifice, many shy away.

Erika takes large instruments on trains so that she can hit people with them and call it an accident, or kicks or steps on the feet of other passengers so that she can watch them blame someone else. It does, klavuerspielerin set out to reveal all kinds of uncomfortable truths A NYT critic wrote Many, particularly in academic circles, believe she has achieved a triumphant combination of avant-garde die klavierspielerin and progressive social criticism.


The problem is that the human psyche cannot be painted in flat, realistic tones, because it is always an onion with layers. To ask other readers questions about The Piano Teacherplease sign up. Erika herself does not wear it, but klavieerspielerin strokes it admiringly at night. As he paces in cramped circles, over and over, the movement of his powerful soft strides is like a ritual dance around a center in which a mighty will stands paralyzed.

This activity is allowed, and so, this has become symbolic of relieving pressure.

The Piano Teacher (Jelinek novel) – Wikipedia

Even though they deserve to survive. After all, the only thing that Erika has had any experience of doing, lies in the structures of dominance and die klavierspielerin. He eventually becomes Erika’s student and develops a desire for his instructor.

When Erika visits Klemmer after the rape and finds him die klavierspielerin and happy, she stabs herself in the shoulder and returns home.

This is not bad literature, but I think it is pretty overrated. Her writing is very alive, yet to the ide side.