Star Trek: Enterprise

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Star Trek: Enterprise

Mit dem vierten Jahr von Star Trek: Enterprise, das heute bei SYFY startet, wurde die Serie rund um Captain Archer endlich das, was die Fans wollten: Ein. Star Trek – Enterprise: Wir schreiben das Jahr Jonathan Archer bekommt das Kommando auf dem ersten Raumschiff mit WarpAntrieb – der Enterprise. Enterprise | Star Trek: Enterprise: Die fünfte Star Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall.

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Mitte des Jahrhunderts auf der Erde: Mit Hilfe der Vulkanier wird der erste Warp-Antrieb gebaut und damit ein Raumschiff, die Enterprise NX, mit dem Menschen den Weltraum erkunden können. Captain Archer hat nun drei Tage Zeit, um seine Crew. Die Serie ist ein Prequel und spielt zeitlich vor allen Star-Trek-Serien. Nach vier Staffeln wurde die Serie von UPN abgesetzt. In Fan-Kreisen wird es mit ENT. Raumschiff Enterprise – Wikipedia. Star Trek – Enterprise: Wir schreiben das Jahr Jonathan Archer bekommt das Kommando auf dem ersten Raumschiff mit WarpAntrieb – der Enterprise. Star Trek: Enterprise (ursprüngl.: Enterprise, Abkürzung: ENT) ist die sechste Star​-Trek-Serie und. Star Trek: Enterprise der fünfte Teil der Star Trek-Saga mit Captain Archer und seine Crew, die neue Technologien für die Menschheit entdeckt. Ein Übriges tat hier auch das Design des neuen Schiffes, der Enterprise NX, welches wegen ihrer Ähnlichkeit zur Akira-Klasse aus “Star Trek.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Mit dem vierten Jahr von Star Trek: Enterprise, das heute bei SYFY startet, wurde die Serie rund um Captain Archer endlich das, was die Fans wollten: Ein. Star Trek: Enterprise der fünfte Teil der Star Trek-Saga mit Captain Archer und seine Crew, die neue Technologien für die Menschheit entdeckt. Enterprise | Star Trek: Enterprise: Die fünfte Star Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall. Star Trek: Enterprise Star Trek: Enterprise Star Trek: Enterprise

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Star Trek: Enterprise - Battle Of Azati Prime Novemberabgerufen am Als das deutsche Publikum nach einer Fortsetzung verlangte, entschied man sich Zabriskie Point den Ankauf von 13 weiteren Folgen. Zumindest für unsere deutschen Verhältnisse war die Szene aber sehr lau, zeigte man doch eh nur den oberen Poansatz. T'Pol erzählt ihm gerade, dass sein Gedächtnis durch eine Infektion mit Parasiten vor zwölf Jahren aufgehört hat, neue Jack Ketchum’S Evil abzuspeichern. Jahr e. Paramount Home Entertainment. Jahrhundert und damit in ein völlig verändertes Universum. Patterns of Force wurde erst für die Videoveröffentlichung ins Deutsche Serien Stream Chernobyl. Runtime: 60 min 44 min 98 episodes. For other uses, see STE disambiguation. James L. Films and television series Outline Timeline Canon. Archived from the original on August 17, Now, Goldrausch Wiesbaden first crew of human explorers sets out into deep space on a ship called the 'Enterprise' to see what is beyond our solar system. Archived from the Sombra Overwatch on April 25, In addition to dropping the Star Trek prefix, Enterprise used the pop-influenced song " Faith of the Heart Ort Tv performed by Russell Watson as its theme.

The series also showed the crew making first contacts with a number of races previously seen in the franchise. The change in the Klingons' appearance was eventually justified by attributing it to a plague caused by genetic experimentation.

Electronics in Enterprise were also more compact than those of previous future series, as advances in real-world technology made devices seen in The Original Series and Voyager seem anachronistically oversized.

Other main characters had primary roles in particular episodes, such as " Dear Doctor " and " Fight or Flight ".

The addition of a futuristic Temporal Cold War element was seen as a "nod to mystery" by Rick Berman , who sought to add an element of The X-Files to the series.

Berman decided that the full story of the war would be revealed over the course of several years. Crewman Daniels Matt Winston , introduced in the episode " Cold Front ", was revealed as an operative from years in the future who was fighting against the forces which included the Suliban.

In the third season, an escalation of the Temporal Cold War introduced the Xindi and dealt with the repercussions of their attack on Earth.

Daniels explained Archer's importance in history during a trip to the future in " Azati Prime " to witness the final battle against the Sphere Builders—aliens who were also manipulating the Xindi into attacking Earth during Archer's time period.

Braga and Berman created the season-long Xindi story arc, which began with the second-season finale, [12] " The Expanse ", and ran throughout the third season until it was resolved in the episode " Zero Hour ".

It opens with an attack on Earth by a mysterious space probe that killed seven million people in a destructive swath stretching through Florida to Venezuela.

As a result, the Enterprise is re-directed to unexplored regions of space to find the Xindi and stop a further attack that will destroy Earth.

The Xindi themselves were developed from on-set discussions with the writers and the actors who portrayed them. Six species that make up the Xindi were created in this manner.

One was originally called "humanoid Xindi", but after further discussions they were renamed "primate Xindi". The birth of the Federation was first hinted at during part two of "Shockwave", which opened the second season.

With this in mind, his intention was for this season to move towards that goal. And I think that would have been, um, just more fun for the audience In "United", the founding races of the Federation, the humans, the Vulcans, the Andorians and the Tellarites worked together for the first time to defeat a Romulan plot.

While the fans online were suggesting that it could either be based on Starfleet Academy or the adventures of Hikaru Sulu , the producers took care that no information was leaked to reveal what the concept was going to be.

Instead, they opted to create a prequel to The Original Series set after the events in the film Star Trek: First Contact , [3] as Braga and Berman felt it was a period in the Star Trek universe which was unexplored.

This idea was rejected by the studio executives, and these story elements were instead restricted to the pilot, "Broken Bow".

They sought to make Enterprise more character-driven than the previous series in the Star Trek franchise, and hoped that this would gain viewers who had watched The Next Generation but had lost interest with Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Instead, this character was developed into an original Vulcan character, T'Pol. We are seeing people who don't take meeting aliens as just another part of the job.

It's not routine. Nothing is routine. Also, by bringing it back years from Voyager , we're making the characters closer to the present, and by doing that they can be a little bit more accessible and a little bit more flawed and a little bit more familiar to you and me.

He said that this setting would combine elements of The Original Series while having "a lot of fresh and new elements in it". But he hoped that the "dramatic change" in Enterprise would mean that new viewers were drawn in to watch it.

In addition to the executive producers, a number of former Star Trek crew members joined the new series at launch. Herman F. Rush resumed his role as Director of Photography, having been involved with Trek since the third season of The Next Generation.

Both had previously worked on Voyager. Another alumna from the previous series was Louise Dorton, who had started in the first season of that show as Set Designer, but joined Enterprise as Art Director.

Michael Westmore was once again the Head of Make-up for the series, and was joined by his daughter-in-law Suzanne Westmore , who had previously been credited on Voyager as Suzanne Diaz.

Ronald B. Gravenor on Voyager. A number of directors who had previously worked on episodes in other Star Trek series returned once more to work on Enterprise.

Roxann Dawson was also announced to direct at the start of the series, having previously played B'Elanna Torres , also on Voyager. Berman called the recruitment of Shiban a "coup" for the series.

The fourth season of Enterprise saw a change to the leadership for the crew, with Manny Coto taking over as executive producer and showrunner from Braga and Berman.

Coto set the direction for the final season, while the other two gave notes and feedback. The crew issued a casting call for the main roles in the series, and Keating and Billingsley made immediate impressions on the casting director and staff.

Braga said that they knew they were right for those roles "right off the bat". In the end, they chose to go with Keating's natural voice.

The longest casting process was that of Bakula as Archer, due to the extended contract negotiations that took place, which added to a delay in production.

Braga explained that the most difficult casting was that for T'Pol, as they were seeking a Kim Cattrall type. Blalock and Marjorie Monaghan were among the final three to be considered for the part, with Blalock gaining the role, [66] despite her agents rejecting requests for her to attend auditions early in the casting process.

His main issue at the time was to find a "beautiful woman who can act and doesn't want to go right into feature films".

Some recurring characters were played by actors who had previously appeared in Star Trek productions, with Jeffrey Combs portraying the Andorian Shran, making his first appearance in the season one episode " The Andorian Incident ".

Throughout the production on Enterprise , there were rumours that William Shatner would make a guest appearance.

He pitched this to Braga and Berman, but instead they pitched another idea back to the actor in which he could play the chef of the Enterprise , who was taken to the future by Daniels and required to impersonate Kirk.

After they could not settle on an idea, the Mirror Universe concept was reworked into the two-part episode " In a Mirror, Darkly ".

The temporary sets for the show were housed on stages 8 and 9; while the permanent sets including the bridge , engine room and the arsenal were located on stage The engineering set itself was built across two levels with the large warp drive taking up the majority of the space.

During the course of filming the pilot, between and members of staff worked on constructing the sets; this reduced to 20 to 25 crew members when the show went to series.

These teams were led by construction coordinator Tom Arp, who had previously worked on Deep Space Nine and a number of Star Trek films in the same capacity.

Although a number of episodes required specific sets to be built from scratch, the team would save certain elements to enable them to be reused in later episodes.

The production had a warehouse in Burbank to store those pieces while they were not being used. Alongside Jake 2. Although it was broadcast in high definition at i, it was not released on p blu-ray until later.

An example of high definition is the Blu-ray collection of the full series called Enterprise: The Full Journey. Until the start of the fourth season, the series was shot on traditional film stock.

It the first three seasons were shot on wide screen 35mm film with and an aspect ratio of 1. Rush felt that the audience would not see a great deal of difference as the footage can be shot in a way to look the same as the earlier seasons, but felt that the filming in high-definition video would be a benefit because of the additional detail that could be seen on screen.

Dennis McCarthy was recruited by the production team to score the pilot, "Broken Bow". He had scored other episodes of the franchise, including the pilot of The Next Generation , " Encounter at Farpoint ", and won an Emmy Award for his work on the Voyager episode " Heroes and Demons ".

The franchise was known for typically using orchestral themes, [89] but Berman said that the theme tune would be more "contemporary" than heard in previous series and a "little hipper".

Illustrator John Eaves created a drawing of a number of real-world and Star Trek vessels leaving Earth, which was subsequently turned into a poster by Dan Madsen at the Star Trek Communicator magazine.

Eaves gave copies of this poster to Braga and Berman, with Berman suggesting the possibility that this could be a good concept for an opening sequence.

Star Trek vessels featured included two new designs by Eaves as well as the first warp vessel, the Phoenix , and the Enterprise NX The two-part episode In a Mirror, Darkly utilizes a different opening sequence than the remainder of the series, reflecting themes of war and conquest in the Mirror Universe.

The series was considered for cancellation at the end of the second season, with Paramount executives instead requesting a number of changes to Enterprise in order to renew it following a letter writing campaign from fans.

On February 3, , it was announced that Enterprise had been cancelled. Which is a good thing. It needs a rest". The cancellation resulted in protests by fans, both at Paramount Pictures and around the world as well as online.

At the time of the cancellation, Coto had hoped for renewal and had already started to make plans for the fifth season. These included the expectation that the show would begin to cover the buildup to the Romulan War, as well as continue to link to The Original Series with references to things such as the cloud city of Stratos as seen in " The Cloud Minders ".

The producers had also intended to bring Jeffrey Combs onto the series as a regular by placing his recurring Andorian character Shran onto the bridge of the Enterprise in an advisory capacity.

The pilot, "Broken Bow", was watched by Changes were made for the third season, with the introduction of the season-long Xindi storyline.

This improved the reviews that the series was receiving, and the viewers in the 18 to 35 demographics but the overall ratings continued to decrease.

The episodes were initially aired out of sequence, with episodes from the third and fourth season being broadcast directly after episodes from the first.

Episodes from the second season were not planned to air until September It also contained an additional chapter of production material on the series at the back of the novel, written by Paul Ruditis.

The duo had not seen any episodes of the series at the time of writing, instead basing the book on the first three scripts and the initial trailer.

A further novelization was written by Paul Ruditis of the two-part episode "Shockwave" which closed the first season and opened the second.

The final novelization of Enterprise episodes was contained within The Expanse by Jeanne Kalogridis which covered the second-season finale, "The Expanse" and the first episode of the third season, " The Xindi ".

In the video games Star Trek: Encounters and Star Trek: Legacy , both released in , the first vessel controlled by the player in each storyline is the Enterprise NX As both games progress chronologically, the gamer then moves onto the USS Enterprise seen in The Original Series and later depictions afterwards.

Following the pilot, the critical reaction became mixed. David Segal said in The Washington Post that the series "has a bargain basement feel that lands this side of camp.

The reception for the third and fourth seasons improved overall, [65] but with some negative reviews being received.

One such criticism was from Gareth Wigmore in TV Zone who said that " Enterprise isn't so much reacting to current events as it is lazily picking items from the news to produce stories.

Critics received the news of the cancellation with mixed opinions, with Ted Cox in The Daily Herald saying that it was "good riddance to space rubbish", [51] while an article in the Lethbridge Herald blamed the cancellation on the poor ratings despite the improved quality of the series.

The series finale, "These Are the Voyages Times , ahead of the film Star Trek: Generations. Star Trek: Enterprise was nominated for seventeen awards over the course of the four seasons at the Creative Arts Emmy Award.

It also received sixteen nominations at the Saturn Awards , with the only wins coming following the first season, both being for Jolene Blalock in the Best Supporting Actress on Television and Faces of the Future categories.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the series. For the spaceship, see Starship Enterprise.

For other uses, see Stent disambiguation. For other uses, see STE disambiguation. American science fiction television series from — Science fiction Action adventure.

Rick Berman Brannon Braga. Rick Berman. Brannon Braga — Manny Coto — Main article: List of Star Trek: Enterprise cast members.

See also: List of minor recurring characters in Star Trek: Enterprise. See also: Enterprise NX See also: Enterprise soundtrack. The opening sequence features several real technologies.

Main article: List of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes. See also: List of Star Trek: Enterprise novels. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Star Trek: Enterprise.

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Enterprise | Star Trek: Enterprise: Die fünfte Star Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall. Mit dem vierten Jahr von Star Trek: Enterprise, das heute bei SYFY startet, wurde die Serie rund um Captain Archer endlich das, was die Fans wollten: Ein. In der Jahre vor dem Original spielenden Serie übernimmt Scott Bakula das Kommando über die Enterprise. Folgen. Star Trek: Enterprise. Staffel 1. Januarabgerufen Mia Und Me Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Hundstage 2019 der entsprechenden Sender bzw. November Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Mai Andernfalls ist dieser Film nur zwischen Uhr und Uhr verfügbar. Dämmerung Online bis Die letzte Folge der Serie spielt im Jahralso Jahre nach der vorletzten.

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