They have the unenviable mission of succeeding the master composition, but fortunately, they also are great tracks with lots of inventiveness and stamina. The tempo and mood continues to shift. It is heavy and repetitive, and oppressive. The Dublin trio melds post-rock and jazz, adding electronic touches, for a signature sound that’s energetic, spacious, and resonant. Guapo is a British trio that plays an intense music that straddles the boundaries of progressive, noise, minimalism and avant-rock. Elixirs Neurot Recordings

guapo five suns

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Guapo: Five Suns – PopMatters

Actuallythis is the best concert I’ve seen so far this year. If you like Five Suns, you may also like: Although I do recognize some elements from King Crimson’s red and vroom period or even Anekdoten. For press and media: The second part of the song is where things really get cooking, with a nice Krimson-esque mellotron lead with some nice ascending bass riffs and some great snare patterns underneath.

Underrated American treasure Jude Johnstone presents refreshingly spare, uncluttered grownup ballads on her latest, Living Room. At times I expected the men in expressionless masks from Eyes Wide Shut to come crawling out of the speakers, heads banging to the primordial beat. Celebrating 20 years in the game, the much-admired instrumental, experimental rock band Guapo are celebrating by releasing Obscure Knowledgetheir explosive new album and tenth release!

GUAPO Five Suns reviews

Electro duo the Juan MacLean release a flat collection of previously released house singles on The Brighter the Light. You begin preparing yourself for some serious jazz odyssey indulgences, set to music as humorless as the day Radiohead learns of Tony Blair’s reelection. Five Sunsthe new album by British instrumental trio Guapo, offers plenty of other things to harp on.


Five suns is an outstanding track,Mictlan and Topan too: That’s right, a track that is nothing but sixty seconds of nothingness. Topan is the official closer of the album, and it takes a softer turn for the group, with a heavy use of atmosphere rather than a choatic wall of sound.

An Interview with Charlie Parr After an accident that could have ended his career, folk blues artist Charlie Parr recovered and recorded an album comprised largely of older tunes.

guapo five suns

While not as good or as technically challenging or dense as Black Oni, this is still a phenomenal precursor to that style that they would play and Guapo is really one of the most cutting edge and in my opinion progressive groups around these days. And what a team they are!

Overall, Avant-Garde fans will not go wrong with the purchase of either this album or Black Oni. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Cuneiform US Release Date: This album sounded interesting ba My personal favorite may be “Topan”, a calm track with emphasis on the gentle Hammond sounds especially on the opening tones.

Part 5 is dark with so much tension before it eases towards the end and this dark atmosphere takes over.

Guapo: Five Suns

The ”Five Suns” epic is the main focus here, and rightfully so as it has the most memorable of the themes. Anyway, like I said before, “Five Suns” is a masterpiece – this is where the essential Guapo sound guwpo a definitive affirmation.


The sound gets pretty violent at times. Its focus is mainly on the minimalist bombast of electric pianos Daniel O’Sullivanbass Matt Thompson and drums Dave Smithshifting through multiple repetitive riffs and vamps.

O’Sullivan seems to be heavily relient on the Fender Rhodes, mainly providing chords and arpeggios on top of the sonic rhythmic assault, and fkve is rather evident from the opening minutes of the piece. The album opens with the 46 minute epic Five Suns. Tempos speed up and slow down, and finally the whole thing ends as it began with Dave Smith’s gong. Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films.

guapo five suns

They have the unenviable mission of succeeding the master composition, but fortunately, they also are great tracks with lots of inventiveness and stamina. Five Suns I Let’s go to the album in itself now. Tension is somehow a result of the way in which the musicians interact, but mostly it is the strategy for the conveyance of the musical trend envisioned for this mature Guapo. Hear it in full now.