And, as it usually happens for most of the media-hypes, TiS is a big disappointment. He has composed for more than movies. Illayaraja sir is Music Rahaman sir is son of music. Here is a review that appeard on Indian Express:. Life’s good comes not from others’ gift, nor ill Man’s pains and pains’ relief are from within.

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Rehaman sirs musictronics are just like green chilly, because while having alcholal chilli also tasts good.

Rahmaniac’s Reflections: Thiruvasagam in Symphony

There is absolutely no bakthi in it. Grow up, you Ilayraajaa fans. Ilayaraja’s work in the project has been truly inspirational and monumental, according to Fr Jasper and those associated with the work globally. Thiruvasagam in Symphony Why only to Rahman?

Thiruvasagam has the voices of Ilayaraja, his daughter Bavatharini symphonh Benny Diggs. Thank you So much. The Budapest Symphony Orchestra has showered praise on the maestro.

However, I am not trying to say that this is the only way to sing them or that this is the way to sing them. Rahaman to work for mimimum 20 movies without ilayaraja thiruvasagam symphony it should have all live recordings tracks even for re-recording. But you Rahaman sir’s fans make him to come down Please dont compare Rahaman sir to raja sir.


Mr Raja’s orchestrations are superb, and the recording engineer, Richard King, has done a spectacular job sonically. I have done something to make the youth aware of the treasures ilayaraja thiruvasagam symphony we have, that are lying unused and unsung right in front of us. Another global celebrity who has singled out Ilayaraja’s work is Oscar award winner, Stephen Schwartz, America’s most celebrated opera play writer, who has written a letter to Fr Jaspar about ‘Thiruvaasagam in Symphony’:.

You always sound like the broken record. We have not written any musical masterpiece in an universally accepted format which others can read and play. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I felt so ulayaraja proud to be a small part of this project. So I believe those of you looking forward to this are in for a great treat.

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As an ardent Raja fan, I have only one word to say about the album: Illayaraja sir is Music Rahaman sir is son of music.

The section to which I contributed English words is about twenty minutes long and dovetails back and forth between Mr Raja singing in Tamil and an American singer singing in English, plus there is a large and beautifully produced chorus. And, as it usually happens for most of the media-hypes, TiS is ilayaraja thiruvasagam symphony big symphojy.


How can purely South Indian Tamil devotional verses fit into a totally alien orchestral extravaganza, however chaste and perfect it might be? I feel sorry to talk about A.

Clip from Ilayaraja’s ‘Thiruvasakam in Symphony’. Pope very soon for our bloggers. Maestro Ilayaraja’s website says that he is set ilayaraa go to Hungary for the music production with Indian and Hungarian artists. Pollaa Vinayen – Ilayaraja, Roy Harcourt thiuvasagam. Does some one know if this album is available in amazon or e-bay, where can i buy this album?

He has confined himself to the south Indian movie music. Stop all nonsence in thhiruvasagam blog.

Ysmphony have merely attempted to take this to the ilayaraja thiruvasagam symphony For Illayaraja fans please dont talk about Rahaman sir. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise!. He has composed for more than movies. Ilayaraja has not taken any remuneration to produce the album, but holds 50 per cent of its rights.