Application mode is developed just like a normal Delphi application with form. Our Page1Form now looks like this:. Frame and Child Windows in Delphi. Now select your choices and click vote. With best regards, Vitaliy Fursov Canada. For example, this program’s menu with alTop alignment, the tree view has alClient alignment, and the dynamic memo is created with alBottom alignment. The menu has two submenus, which are slightly more complex.

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The CgiIntra program features another interesting technology available in IntraWeb: Still, there are some things it can’t do alone, like create CGI applications. Writing a Intraweb delphi Editor. Customizing the DBGrid Component. Count – 1 do IWTreeView1. Could you describe in more detail what should “simple but meaningful webserver” eelphi for in your case?

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In the programs built so far, the resulting page is the intraweb delphi of a series of components placed at design time on a form, in which you can use properties to modify the resulting HTML. The Architecture of Delphi Applications.

Tobject ; var i: It will then collect your vote and tabulate it with other voters. Ok let’s move on. Here is the code for a couple of event handlers:. Late Binding and Polymorphism. For example, if you set the Required property for a component, if the field is empty the data won’t be submitted, and you’ll see a JavaScript error message customizable by setting the descriptive FriendlyName property. This component hooks to a WebBroker action like any other page producer component and has a special event you can use to create intraweb delphi return an IntraWeb form:.


This is different from Delphi’s standard project file, because intraweb delphi calls a global function instead drlphi applying a method to a global object representing the application. Elements of Database Design.

An Overview of intraweb delphi IDE. One of the advantages of IntraWeb is that it uses the same kinds of tools and techniques as regular VCL development. The example’s second component is a tree view with a set of predefined nodes.

It’s pretty crude, and new, but remember that’s somewhere PHP and others were some time after they started. Dialog Boxes and Other Secondary Forms.

Delphi will now create a new WebSnap Page Module. The Delphi Programming Language. Intraweb delphi and Closing Forms. The OnRender event occurs each time IntraWeb renders a form, prior to it actually being rendered. Conclusion This article demonstrates just some of the very basic features of IntraWeb while also showing how to integrate intraweb delphi WebSnap.

We have put some drawing code in the OnRender event. The painting operation takes place on the bitmap canvas. This tells IntraWeb not to render this page because we will render it manually, or give WebSnap instructions to do so.


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In this case the code calls RecordVote intrawrb is a procedure in Global. A Word on ADO. This screen will now appear: Page mode is available by using page producers which can be used with Web Broker or WebSnap.

I have intraweb delphi experience with it, but was surprised to see a pretty well trafficked forum on their website: