It starts out ” Aao saiyo ral deyo ni vadhaai Men var paaya raanjha maahi I am not sure if the x is merely an Urdu based influence or the original pronunciation in the other part. Dib , Feb 24, He loved me the love that was different from the one the world knows about. This searching is really man’s innate spiritual drive to transmute the ‘stone’ of basic matter and consciousness into the ‘gold’ of Freedom-consciousness and existence. Your name or email address: Ve and ni are gender specific.

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Previous Thread Next Thread. Senior Member Karachi Urdu. I am happy i stumbled upon this But not the foolish emotion we regard as Love.

One more request, how would you write it in Gurmukhi script?

Meaning of khasmano khani marjani?

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Does the language spoken by us unconditionally shape our world views? Discussion in ‘ Indo-Iranian Languages ‘ started by chrysalidMar 25, Answer Questions How to improve English speaking skills cheap? Which ever direction I look, I see my lover. Dear Chrsalid and Icfatima More on the order of “Nee” in a sentence.

You mean adding that morpheme makes a word masculine, or is it some exclamation said in singing? Do you khasma nu khaneya know a japanese where kaneya boy had a kitten and he met a lot ghost creature like the kasa obake umbrella then the cat died? Her brother or a close relative would go over to the girl’s new home to fetch her.


In it’s highest state it sets people khasma nu khaneya in the realisation that God is All. That’s a keen eye or ear should I say- Chrysalid- It is used either way- like in the above Hindi translation- I wrote Aree Saheliyo where Aree is for “nee” and Saheliyo is “Saiyo”- the order is khabeya.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions. One who becomes at one with Love becomes truly Free. Log in or Sign up. We should get away from the idea that Love is a vague state of mind or something to tie friends and relatives together. Does God have a khasma nu khaneya

Punjabi: sayonee

And Icf I don’t have Bhulle Shah’s book with me at present but in many of his poems he uses the word saiyo- many Sufi saints depicted Love for God as man woman relationship with the devotee imaginating himself impersonation as the beloved of God. Literal meaning — devourer of your spouse husband, actually! Harm to minors, violence khasma nu khaneya threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

lhaneya I think as far as we are concerned Love is good one. I am not sure if the x is merely an Urdu based influence or the original pronunciation in the other part.


Related Questions Can meaning be found in everything? Monday, 3 November ‘Phittey Muh! Could anyone help me with it? Meaning of khasmano khani marjani? It starts out ” Aao saiyo ral deyo ni vadhaai Men var paaya raanjha maahi Ever since the dawn of civilisation mankind has searched the meaning behind lifes challenges and trials, the purpose of religion and science and the Why of Existence.

Mitti Pao!: ‘Phittey Muh!”

Do you speak different languages when you go abroad or rely on English? Why should ash be equated to nonsense, and why should it come from precisely seven fireplaces is something khasma nu khaneya the Wahe guru can explain! After our graduation we are given further experiences and higher meanings that we might apply to assist us in our goal of Spiritualising matter and consciousness back to God, as Conscious Gods.