We knew where it was headed, but this assessment was very useful because we saw ways that we could improve while we were taking it. Where on earth do I begin… there are so many! This was so refreshing and eye-opening, I was blown away. Want to Learn More? We think Mort has a good thing going on here; it should be helpful for a lot of marriages. Problems listed by others were so similar to mine it was eerie. Practical stuff that can really make a difference.

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Problems listed by others were so similar ffitness mine it was eerie. How did I know this with certainty? It contains a step-by-step program guide that effortlessly takes you by the hand through the whole course.

Mar 04, Kirsti Call rated it really liked it. How do I know when to quit trying to fix my marriage? Could I have done all this on my own? Are you ready to save your marriage?

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel – Review – Emotional Affair Journey

Truth be told, the only thing they remember now is how I marriage fitness mort fertel my wife last year right here at this hotel with a surprise wedding vow renewal ceremony. In fact, This wonderful little book is worth its weight in gold Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again really soon here at Mort Fretel Review.


In fact, it’s fairly easy to apply the basic concepts to building better relationships with children and other family members, too. Login Status Remember Me. Mar 13, Becky rated it it was amazing. I hated hearing about his problems because they brought back terrible memories of my marriage problems. You know how everyone says marriage takes work, how vague is that.

Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps to Building & Maintaining Phenomenal Love

I never liked Mars and Venus, thought it’s principles were way off, I heard the author is now divorced, I’m not surprised, maybe too much time in the cave telling his wife to understand cuz that’s how men are. Also, I think his advice might work better for extroverts than introverts.

Are you making the same mistakes? That may seem like a cliche statement but I can say without a doubt, Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program has made me a better husband, man and father. Marriage fitness mort fertel trying to save your marriage, time is usually not on your side. It so happens we stayed out till 2am that night. This is a less conventional approach to marriage therapy. Please forgive me for my less than stellar videography! Instead, I wish I could have called in at more convenient times.

In fact pretty sexy if you ask me. We have lots of good talks and have been spending quality time together.


Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps to Building & Maintaining Phenomenal Love by Mort Fertel

Per Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness course, he suggests which I interpreted as mrot going on annual mini vacations. Believe us when we tell you that we have read, reviewed or purchased most of them over the last several months while trying to save our marriage.

I hope you enjoy it! Play games together… joke marriage fitness mort fertel and laugh and have a great sex life once again. The physical distance between us is vast however with the aid of technology and programs like Skype, I can still connect with my wife daily. Just as diet and exercise de Marriage Fitness is a revolutionary step-by-step system for creating a phenomenal marriage.

I accept I can not change her and it will need to come from within her. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It seemed she was more interested in hanging out with her friends every Thursday night rather than spending time with me. In fact, he was almost divorced and saved his marriage. May 09, Jessica rated it it was amazing.