They now include images, videos, credits, a print button and more. Updated syscheck to v2. They’re now set to download its most recent release, NUSAD will now determine what version is already installed if any , and skip downloading it if you already have the latest version. Note that the installers and base wads are still available for download in batch download page and archived download page. The French version will receive its own unique French updates.

modmii 4.8.2

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Fixed rare bug where the wrong guide was generated if installing a custom theme without also using MMM to install at least one WAD. Housekeeping to migrate Nodmii to sourceforge from googlecode before it shuts down. Inside the “More-cIOSs” folder u can save as many d2x-beta folders as you like ie.

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Solo debes marcar la casilla de pack wad y ese wad resultante, lo metes en una carpeta WAD en la raiz de la sd o usb y usar wad manager. Pero me gusta siempre, si hay algo nuevo y lo uso, tener la ultima version; aunque sea beta.

Non-patched IOS30, 60 and 70 are now instead available 4.82. download in the “Archived Downloads” page.


modmii 4.8.2

Instead of naming game folders by their 6-digit title ID, they are now named in the following format: I don’t think anyone is using this feature anyways so this isn’t big news. I have prepared an alternate version of ModMii v4.

Not for human consumption. Code clean-up and other minor changes. Thanks to Etheboss for reporting the bug. Added drag and drop support for ModMii Download Queues. This gives davebaol more flexibility to change the patches made to the existing base IOS modules.

Updated md5 hash and sysCheck Updater recognition for v1. If you paid for this software or a “bundle” you have been scammed.

Thanks goes out to JoostinOnline for reporting this bug! Added drag and drop support for ModMii’s sysCheck Updater. You will only be asked about each Channel individually if you choose “Some”. It now has 2 game saves to support modmui of the different versions of the JAP game and the ModMii guides have been updated accordingly. USB-Loader forwarder channel 4.8. to v8. This is pretty much ModMii final; it’s been a wild and crazy ride.

ModMii Installer para Windows

TaeWongNew Feb 6, Now pleasing your Wii more than you ever could. It will now also check if d2x-beta cIOSs are installed when a d2x beta cIOS is activated instead of always checking for the d2x version included with ModMii. Si sigues el tutorial del ultimo link que te pase, no te pedira actualizar.


modmii 4.8.2

Removed a step from the softmod process. Added flux capacitor because this is old as shit! Other minor changes and bugfixes. Changed website from modmii. Although none of the softmodding steps actually changed, the guides were rebuilt from the 44.8.2 up. Some other minor changes.

Literally run the program once, let it download, and you have all the files you need on your SD card to modify your Wii What can ModMii do?

ModMii for Windows v

They now include images, videos, credits, a print button and more. Updated hash for the new HackMii Installer v0. ModMii users will no longer need to be instructed to manually download the Letterbomb exploit; instead ModMii will prompt users for their Wii’s unique MAC address and build the exploit modimi the fly. It now uses the official sneek installer and should work for everyone.