User Name Remember Me? However, if the speed is not entered accurately, this will add error to the dyno results. Shave strokes off your golf scores with BreakMeter! I have not tested any other cars with this App. Track Day Thomas Wilson See also:

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Embark the efficiency of a true dyno inside your car! Embark the efficiency of a true dyno inside your perfexpert This requires that you always take off the car from complete halt 0Mphwhich allows the application to compute very accurately the instantaneous speed and distance.

Back in June at Apple’s developer conference, Apple announced the Ping tempo app which uses the watch’s accelerometer to perfexpert. Provide a name, and select make, year and model. Weather data has to be fed accurately.

PerfExpert App – The Poor Man’s Dyno

The results solely depend on the accuracy of parameters like weight, drag coefficient and gear ratios entered by the user. Doing the Dyno From PerfExpert website: Our car database is an option to perfexpert you fill your car profile parameters.

Naren I am not very sure about results. A Drag Coefficient Transmission Final drive ratio Pitch 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gearbox ratios Alternately, speed at specific RPM may also be entered When we select the manufacturer, make and model, some of the information like weight, perfexpert, tank capacity etc are automatically populated from pertexpert App’s vehicle data base. perfexpert


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Track Day Thomas Wilson See also: Dyno Chart is vehicle engine performance evaluation tool, which provides you the information of max power and torque vs RPM.

Perfexpert more need for bulky laptop computers or old fashioned p. With such a tool, you can check the efficiency of your various tunings, ECU mapping, chiptuning, and even your chassis settings. You need two things, a phone with a good g sensor, and you have to be able to plug in all the info the app asks for. Results are in the below table. I did this test on the Nanjangud – Chamrajnagar road early morning 4: User Name Remember Me? All you have to do is to contact us and provide us the perfexpert, make, model, exact version and claimed manufacturer power so we can identify the right car.

The car perfexpert off detection sensitivity is perfexpert managed manually with the “Timed Run trigger” in the Settings screen. This feature is unique and is the most easy way to perform dyno test on the road. For reliable test results: Please do try and share your results. I immediately decided to give this App perfexpert try and downloaded perfexpert installed the App from Google Play.


I would like to thank fellow TBHPian kat for pointing out my mistake on the final gear ratio which was producing wrong results for my Jetta Dyno A few disclaimers: DashCommand is an app for your car.

I can completely vouch for its accuracy. By managing the fuel weight calculation and letting you better control weather data retrieving, you will get accurate results easier than before. Other parameters are left undefined. However, parameters like Cd. Even if perfexpert have access to a good dyno, doing multiple tests on a dyno could be very expensive affair especially when you are experimenting perfexpert the engine tune.

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After analyzing the results from PerfExpert and how results are dependent on weather data more on this laternow I am sure the guy who did perfexpert dyno did not feed perfezpert weather data to the dyno.

Did these tests on an empty stretch of road near my house in Coimbatore. Naren Wow, the results are pretty accurate.

Top 10 Apps perfexpert Penalty Soccer Free.