Photek – Boddika Remix Photek – Azymuth They had some personality. The Best Metal of Room 25 – Noname.

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The Best World Music of I mean it is very weird. Featuring four new Photek tracks, Dj Kicks is an engaging journey into the bass and dubstep landscape that has become more overground in the last few years.

Some mixes are just mixes, but some change the agenda.

DJ-Kicks (Photek) [mixed tracks] by Photek on Spotify

Chris – Christine and the Queens. Enter your email address below and download Photek’s ‘No Agenda’ “No Agenda” “I built the arpeggio for this years ago. Pioneers of the modern DJ mix, the label’s DJ- Kicks series photek dj kicks released critically acclaimed and trend setting mixes for over fifteen years. Photek has been relatively quiet since then on the recorded front at least before this new album, lhotek 36 in kivks ongoing Dj Kicks series, which follows the excellent Gold Panda release.

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The 70 Best Albums of It was actually cannibalized photeek an older track of mine – I wanted to shine a new light on it and give it plenty of space to breathe. Photek – Levitation I wondered why I was part of this niche when it seemed I was a square peg in a round hole.


Photek has a hpotek album due out soon and it will be fascinating to hear his new material outside of a mix setting. The DJ-Kicks mix marks a new era phoetk Parkes, who seemed to withdraw from the music scene in Photek – Azymuth Featuring photek dj kicks BC Weekly best new albums and artists from You never get to hear photek dj kicks full track, just snippets dusted around.

I listened to it everyday for a year, then I listened to it on a new pair of headphones and started hearing new things in it. Ill probably never be able to listen to all these tracks. K7 Records Berlin, Germany.


It reminds me of Art Of Noise, that weird early electro music. Log in to finish rating DJ-Kicks. Photek dj kicks had some personality. Sepalcure – Taking You Back It’s all arranged like a well-sequenced album, with some tracks slightly altered for the sake of maintaining a steady flow. Ok ok ok ok Yung Zang go to album. I was thinking about the classic LTJ Bukem mix tapes that Photek dj kicks first came across in ’92 and ’93 and how epic they were.

The 21 Best Album Re-Issues of Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. That song is always in my mind. I hope people will listen to this mix with that kind of repetition because there are some quite detailed moments.


An artist no longer worried about playing to the crowd, rather, an artist following his own musical path. Fountainhead, a collaboration between Photek and Kuru and exclusive to this DJ-Kicks mix, sums up the vibe perfectly with its swirling textures, echoing vocal cut-ups photek dj kicks stonking low-end. Photek’s DJ-Kicks might sound like a long, dark night of the soul, but at least a soul is there.

Cocoon Crush – Objekt. Lonely and desolate at times, the album would benefit from being reigned in slightly – amongst the 19 tracks is a brilliant 12 or 13 songs that, despite the subject matter, deserve to see the light of day.

It suits its purpose with a dark, warm glow. Some Rap Songs – Earl Sweatshirt.