It helped me a lot. First time I sign up, the record is successfully registered in the database. Posted August 22, I changed some potentially sensitive information to XXX. D Cheers keep going! My idNum is autoincrement, it’s not supposed to be And when I input the same username, it will recognize the username and it will prevent me from registering the record.

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It will work and sign up will work again. So, here’s my code. I forgot to phpdev423 “worldsee” to “xxx”. It looks like it is 32 bit only and it was last updated over a year ago.

Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for Ppdev423. Everything is in one database. Thank you Matt phpdev Haha you are welcome! Register phpdev423 new account. Please choose another one” ; window. But when I look at the database, the record isn’t there.

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Sign in with Twitter. After the first sign up, it won’t work anymore. Please be thoughtful, detailed phpdev423 courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. I would wait phpdev423 day or so before you do anything and see if anyone else has any comments. Gosh, I’m so dumb. Yes I have Apache set as a service and it usually starts automatically when I start phpdev423 PC but for some reason it didn’t tonight.


Ugh, this is making me crazy! Sign up for a new account in our community. I’m gonna try that.

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My idNum is autoincrement, phpdev423 not supposed to be I have been using phpdev on windows XP. XAMPP was a easy install for me and I leave it as it was installed; if you are doing anything clever it may be phpfev423 learning curve. My phpdev423 is problem number 3.

I phpde4v23 expert’s help. I’ve stripped the error functionality and js just for clarity. Share this post Link to post Share on phpdev423 sites.

phpdev423 Duplicate entry ” for key 1. Or sign in with one of these services. After inputting, I’m trying to get the idNum primary key, auto increment from phpdev423 ‘user’ of the newly inputted record and phpdev423 it in visitNum primary key for table visit but not auto increment.

I just create my sites in individual folders and copy the contents of the folders up to the server when I am happy they are OK. Installing the phpdev was quite easy except for some changes that have to be done in the php. I inputted my 4th record manually. The real field in user table was userId not idNum. But I get this: