I will leave my review with my referral link — http: Also, you want to consider the following questions honestly: I promise i got this all free without spending a penny. AppDog awards users with an Apple or Android mobile device with free Facebook Credits in exchange for downloading apps. Facebook Credits were a virtual money that enabled people to purchase items in games and non-gaming applications on the Facebook Platform.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. October 27, at 4: Is it too much to ask to get a god damn gift card?

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If you bragged about it to someone in your house, they might have signed up. Dante July 13, at 6: Muzamiel AFG May 8, at How to deliver your research surveys. Software automatically prevent patched.

Not a scam at all. This site is full of trash. Sooner or later points2shop is going to go down either by people sueing them gnerator bullshit or people avoiding the dem rip off site. Infin1ty August 13, at 8: RadMan May 7, at Points2shop is totally a scam!


I made points, ordered an Amazon card and BAM! I am thinking someone I know or something may have tried to use my name information before.

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John February 12, at 7: I make money off it, and as a teen with no revenue source or allowance, the extra few bucks a day really helps get what I need. TrialPay issues Facebook Credits as an incentive for users to sign up for advertiser services i. I followed the rules, only have 1 account and only use the 2 computers in my house and my android. It took about 2 weeks to sort it out but after that I was free too go.

Or they just didnt read up on the rules! If you points2shop points generator 2012 this banner you can simple send a support ticket to and get a quick response. They sent me two tickets and yes one time I lost points for lying.

December 17, at 7: Make a slide from left to right of the screen or press the icon representing three horizontal bars to open the menu. However, i encourage mixing with all other members of the community as most are very nice people. Ive been on ps2 for a couple months now.


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Allenafaith November 2, at I ordered at least 6 amazon prizes I received none of them even after a month. I contacted customer support and hit me back 3 days later.

The page below has additional and usefull information about resolving account issues. I read all the comments here and was very apprehensive of wasting my time — but to date they have been good to me and I have no complaints. Geerator were so lucky to get a points in a hour because it took me a whole day to get Timo pask January 2, at 7: So stay in touch get regular updates:.

Ocean Angry September 5, at 8: