CRM- Confirm and save your settings. You can set a column to mandatory, disable a column and enable personalization. The information contained in this document is subject to change and supplement without prior notice. A dependent object is a special type of BO, whose attributes cannot be determined solely from the ID of this BO, but instead, only or together with the ID of the superior access object. You have the choice between a single column page layout and a page layout that consists of multiple tiles. When saving the settings in the runtime repository editor the corresponding xml code is generated.

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You can also cr508 new captions. Find button to execute the search The result list shows a list of Business Object Instances. Close the field properties screen!

SAP CRM User Interface

One important setting is missing. Choose a Tile by mouse click 4. It is located at the top of the screen and consists of different header components e. Choose a Fact sheet view 2. At the end of this exercise you will be able to crk more search fields than in the standard configuration. There are more personalization options available. For all alternatives sap crm cr580 separate page is used.

Therefore it is required to extend the existing data model and — as a second step — include the new information on the User Cm.


Other products, services, logos, or brand names included herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Each event defined in the layout sap crm cr580 has a corresponding event handler. Each data field on a view visualizes an attribute of a context node. For Example work center page of account management offers links for creating, searching and reporting on accounts. Explain the concept of the Easy Enhancement Workbench Use the easy enhancement workbench to add customer specific fields to the CRM business applications?

Direct Link Group Logical Link 4.

In the Account Details choose the button Edit. A higher position number means that the Direct Link Group is displayed lower!

Forability – SAP, CR

SAP A component set is a collection of components that build sap crm cr580 business context for a specific application that uses the business layer as its framework. Using the Visible checkbox for every single Logical Link ID you can decide which links should become available in the application. Please refer to the next unit for details.

Work center group links and direct group links can be activated and deactivated within the business role. Choose an appropriate Description e. Second-level navigation opens sap crm cr580 a click and vanishes automatically after selection or another click on the triangle area Second-level entries represent searches for the most frequently used or needed applications?


Lesson Summary You should now be able to: EnglishGoalsDesigning the best possible user experience is not just about creating beautiful user interfaces. Be sure that the checkbox Raise Veto is deactivated and continue. The framework is always started with a component set.

CR User Interface(Col81)_百度文库

Choose Load Option 4. L-shape characteristics Static position and size The specific content of the L-shape can be configured as role-dependent? Due to the nature of the Easy Enhancement Workbench, this exercise might cause unwanted side effects, especially when many participants run the exercise at the same time. SAP The transaction launcher supports two general types of transactions: Very often it is necessary to extend existing business objects by customer specific fields.

Nine Direct Group Links should be marked as visible. Each attribute of the context node is connected to a field in a BOL structure. In the next screen, use F4 for the field Sap crm cr580 Role to display a list of available profiles.