This approximation is stopped when the calculated error is lower than the error previously set by the user. Please enter a valid email address. The possibility to repeat in a very quick way multiple simulations Monte Carlo style with a random and established variation of some or all circuit component values. From to he had a research fellowship at the Engineering Faculty of Florence University. Symbolic outputs resulting from the analysis of a circuit contain a higher information rate, however they may easily lead, even if the circuit is relatively simple, to extremely large symbolic expressions, which are very difficult to manage. GuiXT Mobile resides on a handheld or laptop. Personal use of this material is permitted.

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A simple example among the many possible given could be taking into consideration the LC-ladder elliptic low-pass filter shown in Fig.

The program is sapwin “as is” during basic electric science or network theory courses, but it is a flexible platform to develop further applications useful in sapwin classes and research activity for people able to work on the program source code, modifying and training it to reach their objectives.

The program provides several tools to create the schematic of a linear analog circuit, perform its symbolic analysis find the network function in the Laplace domain with sapwin parametersand to show the results in graphic form. Moreover, a symbolic simulator allows for an adequate description of circuit theory and makes easier and faster the understanding of some concepts, e.

Example If a window in a form definition is to appear 1 cm from the left edge of the paper, the window will actually be printed 1. Type the serial number in the tab and click on Registration. All typical Windows tools to copy, cut, paste, move, edit a component or a part of the scheme are available. Symbolic outputs resulting from the analysis of a circuit contain a higher information rate, however they may easily lead, even if the circuit is relatively simple, to extremely large symbolic expressions, which are very difficult to sapwin.


Right now, the program implements, for a symbolic analysis of a circuit, a sapwin version of Laplace determinant expansion. The first version of SAPWIN [5][6]has been used in classes on electric engineering theory and sapwin has been used to sapwin further applications using its symbolic engine.

SAPWIN – A Symbolic Simulator as a Support in Electrical Engineering Education

His research interests are in the fields of circuit sappwin, neural networks and fault diagnosis of electronic circuits. This will allow the user to indicate the model of the device to insert in the overall scheme as a small sapwin.

Therefore users must ensure that the correct build is installed on the Mobile client in order to enable Mobile printing. sapwin

Sapwin graphical post processor is able to show the network function and to plot gain, phase, delay, poles and zeros position, time-domain step and impulse response. His research interests sapwwin software and algorithms for electric network simulation, neural network application to forecasting and control problems, and elaboration of sapwin data.

A computer program which combines symbolic and numerical simulation capabilities is of great help, because such a program provides sapwin with automatic analysis tools. However, the position information in SAP script forms is added to the coordinates system of the target output device during execution to determine where the form objects are to appear on the output sapwin.

In order to utilize the mobile printing functionality, only certain sapwin will function. In a SAP script form definition, positioning information refers to the absolute dimensions of the paper to be used for outputting the form.

It is constituted by three modules: The component values are assigned with the Edit option, while the Node option sets the circuit nodes. The local approximation gradually removes all terms of the final expression which have an absolute value smaller than a given magnitude, depending on the user supplied error value and the original expression mean value.


There are many applications where symbolic tools are really useful. The Server is required in order to enable Mobile printing. No decimal values are permitted. This is done if its nominal value is smaller than a sapwin magnitude; b the least significant terms of each coefficient of s sapwin replaced by their numerical values and only the dominant terms keeps in a symbolic form in the final network function.

SapWin – Wikipedia

Actually, both traditional numerical simulators and advanced mathematical programs seem to be sapwin suitable for expert designers, than for inexperienced undergraduate students. At present, this program sawpin under further development and is continuously updated and enhanced to get the best performance with the most recent level variations of hardware.

The only requirement is that GuiXT Server be used as the intermediary between the Mobile device and the target printer. The program contains a user controlled approximation routine to reduce the symbolic expression to its most sapwin terms and suppress the others.

By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Sapwinand Dataset License. Analogue electronics Search for additional papers on this topic. Adjusting the position of output on the paper. Alberto Reatti received the degree in Electronics Engineering in and the Ph. The program herein described and distributed with this issue is version 1. Good feedback about the qualities and faults, sapwin many suggestions for possible improvements of the program have sapwib returned to the authors.

LC-ladder elliptic filter – gain response, poles and zeros.