I m really sorry to say tat the origin wat u told was a 1st class blunder Some group members told me we are not much interested in procession performance. At the beginning people make fun of us. I consider this project as a premiere work to understand the relationship between the female artist and art forms especially in terms of their ideological and aesthetic investments. Here my project is trying to understand women intervention in kerala performing art forms with contemporary consciousness for that I selected, “Singari Melam”, a percussion ensemble. Only the wooden rings with the skin Chenda Vattam is replaced once the quality of the sound is not up to the mark. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Kudumbee communities migrated from Karnataka-Goa has continued their worship of Subramanya Swami. This is done by rolling the wrist. Throughout these years all kerala percussion instruments are handled by men. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat The meaning of “Veekku” in Malayalam language is “beating hard”. The Chenda is mainly played in Hindu temple festivals and as an accompaniment in the religious art forms of Kerala.

Now every where you can see their performance and organizers think 15 women in front of a procession give more color to it.

Retrieved from ” https: The body of the Chenda which is 1 ft in diameter and 1. There is nothing to learn. The artist produce sound on “Uruttu Chenda” by rolling shingari melam right shingari melam wrist.


For regular Chenda artists an average of 15 rings are required every year. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She has been active in the Malayalam Kerala theatre and feminist discourse for more than a decade.

During the first beat the palm holding the stick will face the artist inthen during the second beat using the same right hand the palm would face the opposite side out. Through my personal experience as an artist and as a research scholar on gender and performance I always ,elam that studies of the performing arts of Kerala completely ignored the presence of the female shingari melam, although the art forms shignari well known for their female characters.

Minority community is very few. Latha from Kottayam district talks about her experience behind the formation of “Sinarimelam” was like shingari melam was part of Neighborhood committee of “Kudumbasree”. Views Read Edit View history. We tried lot of enterprise, Cake, Chips, some traditional snakes, soap etc. Other than these seven “melams”” two more melams are there in Kerala “Navam” and “Kalpam”. It has launched by the Government of Kerala in for wiping out absolute poverty from the State through concerted community action under shingari melam leadership of Local Self Governments.

Singari Melam is not just a percussion ensemble!!!

Chenda melam is the most popular form in Kerala, for shingari melam than years. A Chenda is taught in a traditional way, the students have to practice on a stone or wood using a strong and ,elam stick usually made of tamarind tree bark. When I am returned to Kerala, “Kudumbasree” gave me a space to meet other ladies at my level. After marriage and financial difficulties I migrated to Dubai.


Chenda – Wikipedia

The earlier 6 melams are called “Chempada melangal”. Survived suingari has to go through lot of insults from society. A “Chenda Melam” means percussion using Chenda. Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles containing Malayalam-language text Commons category link from Wikidata. So it starts considering as a women folk art form shingari melam Kerala!!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Slowly they start showing professional quality in their performance.

Shingari Melam -All Women Drummers-005

These Chendas are used for different purposes especially for different art forms. Similarly sshingari the performer starts with 4 beats and completes the beats in 4 seconds, then “Randam Kaalam” beats would be multiple of “Onnam Kaalam”, 8 beats completed in 4 seconds, “Muunaam Kaalam” would be multiple of “Randam Kaalam”, 16 beats completed in 4 seconds.

Latha shingari melam her friends are earning some money from performance.