Little do they know, but soon they will be risking their lives to do more sledding. Although these two books are based on actual events, they describe different missions that took place in Norway. Share your thoughts with other customers. It is geared for elementary aged kids, but I think all ages would find this book to be enjoyable. Showing of reviews. I assigned it to my students for their Book Club

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Nazi troops parachuted into Peter’s tiny village and held it captive. You will be intrigued from the start and will keep turning the pages to see if everyone makes it out alive!

Written for children it is never the less a worthwhile read for anyone interested in this era and gives insight into the bavery of children and townspeople who risked their lives to resist the tyranny of the Nazis who occupied their beloved Norway.

Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan | Scholastic

Growing Up in Siberia. The cmswigan is obviously meant for a young audience, and the writing style was a bit more simple and repetitive than I usually like, but it was still a great story. The book “Snow Treeasure by Marie McSwigan is a historical-fiction book about a boy named Peter that had to save his country of Norway because the Germans were invading them.

It snow treasure by marie mcswigan based on fact with a few changes in detail to protect those involved in the effort mcswogan it was first published in ny So I asked if they had it. Get to Know Us. Snow treasure by marie mcswigan and Helen Murray. Susan I read first at age 9, but if you read the reviews, you’ll see many people have enjoyed rereading it as adults. This was a delightful as well as an interesting historical read. Then they questioned him and it was soon proven that he was a man from Poland who was captured by the Germans and made a soldier for them.


This edge-of-your-seat tale is tightly written and is sure to be of interest to any 4th-7th graders who like adventure stories. It is exciting and scary and thrilling.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. A book I had read as a child. I know I must have read more books in my childhood, but this is the only one I remember, and I remember it fondly. And, I’m recommending it to a group of adults in a couple weeks.

Snow Treasure by: Marie McSwigan by Joshua Washington on Prezi

The town’s doctor creates a false epidemic that affects only the smaller children and paints them from head to toe with red dots. Dutton books children’s books. They already promised not to talk to them at all. And so at the end of the book, an additional note is included to that effect.

Snow Treasure

Views Read Edit View history. One winter he kcswigan playing in the snow with his friends Michael and Helga, and his younger sister, Lovisa. And, Peter learns, it involves not only him, his younger sister Lovisa and friends Helga Thomsen and Michael Berg, but all of Riswyk’s children age 10 and up.


Peter knew that snow treasure by marie mcswigan he kicked down all the snowmen he would find the gold. At one point in my life I was able to get a signed copy by the writer which I brought with me on my various jobs around the country He didn’t trust his voice. The ship’s captain reported that the gold show smuggled past the Germans by Norwegian children on their sleds.

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In the bleak winter ofNazi troops parachuted into Peter Lundstrom’s tiny Norwegian village and held it captive. A spy ring of children, organized by a fisherman, works out bby solution. This was more engaging and adventuresome than I thought mcewigan would be.

However, over time this story has been questioned and it seems there is no proof that it is true. He saw snow treasure by marie mcswigan Uncle Victor which was weird, because Victor usually only came when the snow Snow Treasure takes place during the beginning of WW It’s funny and exciting, and the kids are heroes in a realistic way. On daily encounters with the German soldiers they risk having their true mission being revealed.