The Americans will be glad to know the man who’s using it is an impostor. Do you have a favorite children’s book, one that has always stayed with you? Also, the distance the gold was sledded was not twelve miles but actually thirty-five miles. A few days later as they were building their snowmen again, the German commander came up to the children building there snowmen, looking for the missing soldier. Or, what about those Czechs who stole a railway train and drove it into West Germany, as mine would do in All Aboard for Freedom? Together they will master all their strength and courage, to protect what is theirs.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. The soldier tells them that his name is Jan Lasek and he is from Poland, but was taken by the Nazis when they invaded his country because he can speak many languages.

Sledding the gold aw It is when the Nazis invade Norway. It is geared for elementary aged kids, but I think all ages would find this book to be enjoyable.

Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan | Scholastic

Then that night the kids tresaure go and sleep in a barn with a family that was supporting them. Oct 05, Pages Middle Grade It reads well, but is a little dated. He then asks Uncle Victor to take him to the United States because he says he snow treasure by marie mcswigan relatives there.


As Nazi Germans begin to occupy Norway in the winter ofleaders in the town of Riswyk fear that the enemy will gets its hands on the gold bullion — tens of millions of kroners’ worth mcswgian that make up the financial foundation of the nation. Alan Bern of Berkeley Public Library mentioned that Shadow of the Mountain would appeal to those who read Snow Treasure, which is still popular snow treasure by marie mcswigan his library.

I read this out loud to my kids and it was a intriguing adventure story based on a potentially true event during WW2 in Norway and the rescue of gold through the sleds of children. Snow Treasure is richly illustrated with a number of black and white illustrations by Mary A. This edge-of-your-seat tale is tightly written and is sure to be of interest to any 4th-7th graders who amrie adventure stories. The children are later in the story discovered by a Nazi, whom Uncle Victor and Rolls, his sailing mate, take captive.

That night Norwegian patriots, men, women and children, were gathered together and told what lay in the cases. It is based on a true story or a legend that is believed to be truebut the fragments of the true story were very sparse so this story is mostly created by the author’s imagination. When I was a kid, the edition I read said Snow Treasure was based on a true story.

So I decided I needed to re-read the book. He became mad and began kicking down the snowmen. Definitely a worthwhile read! Squares, Rectangles, and Other Snow treasure by marie mcswigan. Based on a true story, this World War II novel would be considered historical fiction now, but when it was published, it was about an incident that occurred just two years before. This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Want to Read saving…. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.


Wonderful story based on a true story of WWII. Customers who bought this item also bought. View all 5 comments. The Nazis must not know about it. It reminds me of the ones I haven’t read or introduces me to some I’ve missed. However the pace and excitement are maintained beautifully, and in the final chapters I found myself honestly caught up in it again – and impressed by the sheer excitement of the story.

Snow Treasure

So the children go out to sled every day – with a final total of 9 million dollars on their sleds! Return to Book Page. The fear of one or all of the children being taken prisoner themselves. Peter, his friend Michael, and other kids in their school have to hide all of Norway’s gold so that his uncle Snod can store it in a safe place from the Germans. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.