The Soldier is the muscle of any team, trained to do one thing extremely well — eliminate everyone and everything that stands in the way. The content was polished and easy to read and quite fun. A character may only gain levels in between missions adventures , and may not gain more than 1 level in between any two missions. It describes an Earth that has been ravaged by ancient mystical powers, allowing Demons and other foul beasts access to this dimension. For instance, a character with 5 levels in Soldier, 1 level in Sniper, and 1 level in Triggerman is considered to have a Soldier class level of 5, a Sniper class level of 1, and a Triggerman level of 1. The art was very likeable and fitting with the concepts being brought forth.

spycraft 2.0

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Initiated into the grandest secret designs of the modern enterprise, the Illuminatus can tap spycrsft organization like most heroes tap their own bank accounts. He is the first man in during any time-critical strike, and the last man out during any tense hostage situation.

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This is the maximum number of ranks your character may possess in any skill. The High Roller is a suave jet-setter possessed of uncanny luck and unmatched style. Curious, I read it over.

spycraft 2.0

Skill Based buy or gain skills. This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat There are a number of special rules related to certain spcraft of abilities. This permitted the release of Fantasy Craft as a standalone product under the Open Gaming Spycratf, including full rules for character generation, conversion mechanics for monsters found in the System Resource Document, and the tools for creating, populating and presenting user-generated campaign settings to players.


Customers also shopped for. Alderac Entertainment GroupCrafty Games.

spycraft 2.0

This section also lists the number of skill points a character receives each time he gains 1 level in the class. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. In the campaign converted to the Spycraft 2. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Take control of any world you can dream up, from espionage thrillers to back-alley street fights to near future black ops. Except for restricted core abilities, a character gains access to all abilities offered by all of his class levels.

Originally intended for release at Gen Con Indythe creative process behind Fantasy Craft has resulted in its being slated for release as a Mastercraft title. Your character only gains the core ability of his first base class and his first expert class. The Triggerman dominates battles at close range, outclassing most in unarmed and short-range handgun warfare.

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Each time a character gains a level, he may advance his current class, or enter a new one. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

There are currently 28 supplements available for the new version of Spycraft 21 from Crafty Games and 6 licensed products. This model has changed over time, permitting a growing number of print releases including compilations of previous PDF releases.


Pleased by the bevy of information and options available to me, I bought it and took it home. His furious, no-holds-barred attack style can give his team the edge in any close-quarters situation.

spycraft 2.0

Each base class consists of 20 levels a character may gain over the course of his career. Then, they go out, complete their tasks, face various complications and generally save the day.


This is My Rifle Spycraft 2. He is among the most adept at melee and unarmed combat on any team.

Every character begins with a basic concept. Even if the character possesses two wpycraft abilities that apply to the same roll, he may not roll for more than 2 dice for each action die spent.

For example, a Sniper might enter old age, causing his Dexterity to fall below the minimum required score. The Inventor stuns and amazes with a seemingly endless supply of ingenious devices, each somehow tailor-made for the task at spycradt. Take control of any world you can dream up, from espionage thrillers to back-alley street fights to near future black ops.