Just kill him and push it back to open the door. When it’s in the top right you can reach it, but watch out, the fireballs reach the adjacent platform and can be tricky to jump there. The then talk to Sendell and she sends them back home. Once there cross again the holy carrot and take the hydroglider ship like before to go to Tippett Island. Down you’ll notice a crab mutant waiting for you. Go upstairs and kill the red rabbibunny clone he is very fast, be careful, I recommend you to wait for him at the stairs.

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So prepare yourself and jump inside the temple. The last soldier is at another turret, run fast to the other side and attack him from his right. I recommend running fast next to the closed door to avoid the twinsen little big adventure from the soldier. You have multiple wardrobes and chests to collect coins and hearts, but what you need to take is in the room located wall-to-wall with the bathtub, in the wardrobe opposite the big table.

Here you will meet a new enemy: This article has multiple issues. Would you recommend this Guide?

It seems that the key to the room with the family treasures is lost, the pirate LeBorgne killed Twinsen’s ancestor Hegessippe and took the key.

And finally at the top east there is a platform puzzle. The mushroom contains a clover. The way to the tavern is free of supergros so you can go without delays. Instead go south, again twinsen little big adventure carefully to avoid falling from the thin path.


Little Big Adventure: Twinsen’s Adventure FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by parapam – GameFAQs

The mentioning of the legend or Sendell has since been forbidden by Dr. The Garden Balsam What does the hairdryer salesman say? To our left we will find another of the strange “S” signs in the rock. It should be a fairly simple task, adventyre I do not think it will take a very long time. Go upstairs and kill the red rabbibunny clone he is very fast, be careful, I recommend you to wait for him at the stairs.

Little Big Adventure 2

Wait a bit and he will withdraw 15 Kashes from his chest for you. Go back north to the next scene, we have to find Zoe! Going through ljttle exit at the north east corner of the jail we will reach the sewer platform the one that we couldn’t reach from our room platform. Little Big Twinsen little big adventure Relentless: Talk with him and he will catch something: Push it a bit left to the upper right X and we are done.

After Twinsen defeats him, the planet is peaceful again, and no longer under the reign of terror.

Little Big Adventure 2 – Wikipedia

FunFrock particularly happy, and he locks you away in an insane asylum. She and other Sendells are watching over a Stellar Entity that is in gestation in the centre of Twinsun. Now the water is finally tasty and healthy! The gameplay is partially free-roaming, allowing the player free non-linear travel around the islands of the game’s world once they have been “unlocked” by completing certain objectives or solving certain puzzles; there are also many tasks which are optional or non-linear.


He is very slow but you can’t kill him, lkttle get out of there as soon as possible. We do not encourage twinsen little big adventure condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

Accept his 10 Kashes and you will be able to take the Proto-Pack. But just next to our landing there is a rebel much more cooperative than his fellows from the island. And as a prize for being a public trouble maker they are going to With Sendell’s Medallion Twinsen little big adventure get’s the third level of magic, he can now kill red clones and the big tanks! This article has multiple issues.

Give him the Space Guitar and he will start playing along with his battery that weird red ball creature, whatever he is.