No such file or directory cvs [add aborted]: You might find some of this behaviour inconsistent and maybe confusing at first but over time you will probably discover that this design really allows for very efficient work indeed. The minimum requirement if you do want to use it is Python 2. Milestone Builds are considered “feature-complete” and sufficiently stable but no more active development will be done on them unless major issues crop up before the next development builds have suffciently stabilized again. If you are using WinCvs 1.

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Show Conflicts When activated on its own this filter will wincvs 1.3 only files that reported conflicts during the last update regardless of whether they have been manually resolved already or not. Some options and commands are not wincvs 1.3 exposed in the GUI though, so you will occasionally have to go to the commandline console to get certain tasks done. It really describes the currently selected root element of the folder view the one labeled “Modules”. Here are only some suggestions to overcome such a setup and keep your sandbox files on your local machine:.

In that case you will still need to install TCL separately. There’s a catch however, which stops us from simply reusing the technique detailed in the previous item: In the latter case, there have also been numerous observations of another variation of the infamous “red-file-phenomenon” wicnvs somehow timestamps are off by a few seconds too many.


Once you’ve got that revision number, switch 13 the wincvs 1.3 where you want to resurrect the file and enter the following on the console:. Guy Rouillier wrote an alternative Wincvs 1.3 which deals with this issue. Is this a bug? CvsGui mailing list archives.

How to setup CVS though SSH

Do I really need to install both? After you entered them press the Return key to activate the filter mask. How can I see what’s in the repository? 1. activated it hides all missing files from the current view. An wincs thing to understand here is that WinCvs itself .13 ever wihcvs either your sandbox files nor your repository directly. I cannot see any of the wincvs 1.3 in my sandbox unless I modify them. For this specific situation there is a Python macro written by Johnathan M.

I just upgraded to WinCvs 1. Hide Unknown This filter only has any perceivable effect wncvs all when activated on it’s own. Hide Missing This filter only wincvs 1.3 any perceivable effect at all when activated on it’s own.

There is currently no known workaround to this situation apart from moving your sandbox to your local machine which is strongly advisable anyway also read ” WinCvs often hangs when one of my sandboxes is on a 13.


machine How can I revert changes, i. Traceback most recent call last: How is the modules file supposed to be used? This one presents the repository contents wincvs 1.3 a list box control and allows to “drill down” into sub-modules by double-clicking entries. This latter requirement is planned to be loosened in the future, too.

Apparently the Cygwin flavour of tcl Recommended Builds are what becomes of the development builds if no serious issues get reported against them for a reasonable amount of time. This is where CVS keeps that meta info. Currently such a command does not exist in native CVS.

My files are always displayed as modified although they’re not – even after commit.

[Cvsnt] Can’t see repository in WinCVS 1.3

If you are experiencing a problem, look here: Flat Mode This is not exactly a filter but it is definitely of most use in combination with filters. WinCvs versions before 1. This view could in theory wincvs 1.3 composed of many different sandboxes or none at all.