Daughter of Maternal Grand Son: Son of Paternal Grand Daughter: Maternal Grand Daughter of Paternal grand Son: Paternal Grand Mother of Mother: Consanguine Brother of Mother: First type of Loan:

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Full Brother of Mother: Uterine Brother of Mother: Uterine Sister of Mother: Awqaf SA uses the Wirasat software to do the calculation and does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies.

Share calculation – Awqaf SA

Consanguine Brother of Mother: A quick video demo on how to use the Islamic Inheritance Calculator. Consanguine Sister of Father: Maternal Grand Father of Mother: Amount Wirasat calculator by Calcullator.

Here is the complete result obtained from the wirasat software. Either no residuary found in the set conditions or residue is zero.

Check if sons iwrasat daughters are from more than one full sisters: Square Yard Unit Mode: Square Meter Unit Mode: Son of Maternal Grand Daughter: Son of Daughter i. Son of Consanguine Brother: Full Brother of Father: Full Sister of Father: Daughter of Maternal Grand Daughter: Uterine Sister Of Father: No School or Imam: Paternal Great Grand Daughter: Doctrine wirasat calculator Al-Radd Reversion: Son of Full Brother of Father: Uterine Brother of Father: Daughter of Paternal Grand Daughter: Click wirsaat wirasat calculator download a Sample will and last testament.


The complete results are in wirasat calculator steps and must be seen in totality. Enter the Value of Unit The total area of land left by deceased, e. Paternal Grand Father of Mother: Paternal Great Grand Son: First type of Loan: Mother of Paternal Grand Mother: Wigasat Feet Unit Mode: Hanafi School of Fiqh: