Free Download to Xbox Log in to finish rating Wreckateer. You never know which four to five shot types — such as a winged projectile you can steer with your arms and the aforementioned chunk that splits into four smaller stones — you’re getting when you start a stage for the first time, and part of the puzzle is figuring out which serves the best purpose, and in what order. Even if it weren’t a cute and fun puzzle game, Wreckateer’s use of Kinect is a beacon of hope that this device is worth using. The style of the castles has a nice variation at each stage, and the towers collapse and the fall can destroy other towers, or the houses that are behind them, like in a falling domino game.

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An excellent title gives players of any skill the control — and a splash of luck — to complete any task. It works all right as a party game, but in that context its imprecise controls are part of the wreckateer.

Firing simple rocks escalates into more elaborate ammunition types, wreckateer each requires careful aiming and delicate babysitting right up until the moment it makes something crumble.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Tinker might be a crazy little firebug, but he’s got good taste!

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Wreckateer are scored for damage to structures, elimination of goblins and for collection of floating bonus icons. Although it’s entertaining to break stuff, wreckateer want to do it in very short bursts so it doesn’t blur together.

Many shots can be nudged in-flight by swiping at them in the desired direction, while some have special abilities that can be activated when the player spreads their arms wreckateer above their head. Retrieved from ” https: Aim and fire each shot and then wreckateer it in mid-air, activating special powers and guiding them toward their target. Iron Galaxy’s Wreckateer does its best to sidestep this problem by playing up to Kinect’s weaknesses.


Wreckateer is a puzzle video game developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox gaming console.

Multiplayer is wreckateer when trying to beat your mates score, and the randomness with the projectiles’ rebounds provides equal opportunity to score a lucky catch up. The Verdict In longer sessions, Wreckateer exposes the extent of wreckateer creativity, leaving you with little to wonder about and discover as you grind through too-similar stages. It soon wreckateef apparent that the game awards points based on the player’s ability to hit certain targets or detonate sreckateer aforementioned packs of explosives to cause wreckateer maximum amount of damage in the targets.

Un passo avanti con le braccia tese per afferrare l’elastico di tiro, un passo indietro per tenderlo, a seconda della forza desiderata, potremo girarci a destra o a sinistra, in alto o in basso a seconda di dove vorremmo mirare, e poi via! wreckateer

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You’ll fling your arms about to add spin to your shots, detonate bombs, rip one rock into four small ones, and float flying bullets through points collectibles. The level design is rather unmemorable overall, wreckateer wwreckateer game doesn’t really have anything along the lines of a plot or a series of unlockables to keep players engaged in the long-term.

You can distract yourself with a few rounds of ripping structures to pieces and go on with your day, and come back later to enjoy more.

Except instead of firing a variety of wreckatfer at little green pigs in structures made out planks of wood and wreckateer, players fire a selection of projectiles out of a ballista at little green goblins in castles. By slapping the air in front of them, players can coax their missiles a wreckateeer to wreckateer left and right or up or wreckqteer. The physics are limited though and as so often with Wreckateer the controls doesn’t work very well wreckateer.


Iron Galaxy Studios Genre s: Wreckateer uses the Kinect to put you in control of a massive castle-wrecking Ballista.

The Wreckateer – review

Description Share this Wreckateer on. Wreckateer received “average” reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Xbox Kinect Wreckateer reviews. Even if it weren’t a cute and fun puzzle game, Wreckateer’s use of Kinect is a beacon of hope that this device is worth using. On the surface, simplicity and accessibility seem to be the common denominators defining casual gaming’s best — really, wreckateer makes go-to games great is their mastery of instant tension and speedy release.

Wreck castles using your body as the controller. At each stage of the nine stages, we wreckateer score bars to be reached that are shown to the left of the screen, and that strate the points needed to score and medals, and multiplayer that can increase the final score. The level starts with a pre-set number of shots, and wreckateer level ends after the last shot has been fired.


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Once the wreckateer is satisfied with how they’ve lined up their shot, they fire it by wreckatwer their arms so they’re perpendicular to their body.