I tell you my experience. Glyphed Soul Swapping should still trigger a cooldown, but Soulburned Soul Swapping should not regardless of glyph. The recent hotfix to Divine Purpose, does this mean it can no longer proc off itself? Do you plan raids to be completed in an amount of time or is that not a factor to consider? Compared to designing dungeons, how difficult is it to design scenarios?

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That’s always under discussion.

You mean stuff like losing Strength of Earth and gaining Capacitor? It’s not a great term. We are still actively tuning the XP. Dedicated players might make attempts. Yet, even in most of those relatively silent dungeon runs, I still had a great time playing the game.

To address your concern of difficulty, we agree it was too easy on release. Similarly, in Mogu’shan Palace, the Trial of the King encounter normally randomizes the order of the bosses, and Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun randomizes the order of the adds he summons, but in Challenge zygor 5.1.0 those are all set to specific orders. We’d consider changing the set bonus slightly – still Tidal Zygor 5.1.0 but in a different way. Leveling without War Mode will not be significantly more time consuming.

No, I ususally say “He sounds like a clueless jerk.

Are Challenge Modes Heroics zygor 5.1.0 a timer or do they come with increased enemy damage and health etc? Before anyone asks – yes there are archived copies of old addon versions both on our github repository and on several of the addon sites we use, and these will continue to be available after Zygor 5.1.0 comes out, so you’ll be able to get those old files if you really want them.


This is in no way an announcement of anything. No, they will not.

Certainly not out of the question. We gathered reports from multiple sources and in the end all teams eligible for the zygor 5.1.0 were investigated; any of them that were found to be exploiting or cheating were disqualified from the end of season rewards.

It’s hard to play 5.10 a lot and not become hardcore to some degree.

battle of azeroth

I think playing with friends is one of the big sleeper features for MoP. All I can say is we share those zygor 5.1.0 and will be watching things very carefully.

Zugor only a problem if the situation you describe means that the paladin is generally better in PvP. We don’t want Windwalkers to be mandatory, especially for smaller, player raid groups.

Mists Of Pandaria [] Repack – Page 77

Our solution is to have the delay only kick in when you aren’t glyphed. Rewarding people for not playing is something that we don’t like. Would you be able to clarify on Cross Realm Raids – We’ll not be able to use it for ”current” content? Charms are alive and kicking. He also seems to avoid Q’s about Char slots and if they will ever be more then 11 per server We just went from 10 to Zygor 5.1.0 can run them as often as you’d like Can you confirm the H: As a hardcore lover of PVP and the many people that are in my guild, we have really gotten frustrated, bored, etc with how PVP is handled.


We will try to zygor 5.1.0 it to be more responsive. Now AE is common and we like to keep you awake. After the lifting of the mists, Theramore’s Zygor 5.1.0 will join all other Scenarios as levelonly content, and everyone zygor 5.1.0 including players who missed it at level 85 — will be able to play through the event. We really tried to experiment with some different zygoor, and we got bolder as development continued.

That should not be interpreted as we hate the work we do. Io”Required” is one of those tricky words. You can reset the dungeon and restart the timer mid-run if you make a mistake and feel you can do better. People liked the difficulty and the raid when it was 55.1.0 and muchness nerfed.